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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find some of the most asked questions below. If you can't find the topic you're searching for, get in touch with us here.



You can use your YELLOWSACK for ordinary garden, DIY, builders’ waste and house clean out, like furniture, carpet, old toys and other home appliances. Please don’t use it to dispose of hazardous waste like asbestos, batteries, liquids, chemicals, or food waste.

Just give us a call if you'd like to find out more, or if you're unsure about any other waste that you would like to dispose of.

You can also download a full overview of the waste streams that we can and can't accept if you scroll down on the pricing page

The bag must be positioned within 17 ft of the road for our crane to be able to reach it, and please keep in mind that the road needs to be at least 14 ft wide for our truck to gain access.

The area need to be clear of obstacles such as overhead wires, trees, or structures or parked cars. We can't drive onto block paving as our truck could cause damage. Our driver will need to reach the bag handles to hook the crane on, so positioning the bag behind locked gates can pose a problem.

For further details on filling and positioning your YELLOWSACK – please see the label found on your YELLOWSACK.

Yes, you can fill the Yellowsack to the top, but do not fill the dumpster bags above the side walls. Please make sure the bag handles are available and that it will be possible for the driver to reach the bag handles to hook the crane on.

No.  Since we don’t know what you and your YELLOWSACK will get up to without us, we cannot guarantee its credibility for more than one-time use.

YELLOWSACK is a single trip dumpster bag, so we recycle it along with the rest of your waste.

Yes, but due to the weight limits of the bags we limit these types of waste to the Medium sized bag. The Medium bag can take up to 2750 lbs of waste, which means you can fill it with dirt or concrete.

To avoid unnecessary extra weight caused by rain water, we encourage you to cover your YELLOWSACK in wet conditions.

Service areas and permits

We pick up Yellowsacks in the San Francisco Bay Area, from Richmond in the north to San Jose in the south, and both east and west of the Bay.

If you want to check your area, please check out Service area and see if your zip code is covered.

Other than that, please make sure you are aware of any parking or loading restrictions, no stop zones etc. Our trucks are allowed to enter the "No truck"-zones when it is necessary to complete a scheduled pick up.

Whether or not you need a dumpster permit depends on where you plan on having your dumpster bag placed.
Dumpster permits are typically only required if you are placing a dumpster on public property, like a residential street, sidewalk or walkway.

A residential driveway, or onsite on the construction site, which are the most common placements of a YELLOWSACK, do not typically require a permit. 

If you are in doubt, we encourage you to check with your local authority.

All the waste removed in a YELLOWSACK is taken to a recycling facility licensed by the state authorities and audited by us personally. Here it is sorted and separated with as much material as possible (on average over 90%) going on to have a second life.

YELLOWSACK encourage our customers to sort the waste in different bags when possible, and that's why we offer lower prices for separated waste. We actively support all initiatives that aim to divert waste from landfill and endeavours to pass on any tips or advice to customers about boosting recycling whenever they can.

Deliveries and pick ups

We deliver our YELLOWSACKs within 2-3 days either by our own delivery cars or by UPS.

Your YELLOWSACK will be collected within 24 hours from the time you book in the collection. If it is urgent, we encourage you to call us in advance on 1-833-3YELLOW.

Please notice that we don't do pick ups on Sundays, so if collection is ordered on Saturday, we pick up on Monday.

It’s not necessary to be home, as long as we have walking access to the bag. Please make sure there are NO low hanging power lines or tree branches in the location.

You can order online from Buy Yellowsack.

You can order a pick up from this section: Order pick up, or by calling 1-833-3-YELLOW. When you place an online order the pick up will automatically be routed within the next 24 hours, so there is no need for any additional action.

Prices and billing

It’s difficult to make a direct comparison between our dumpster bags and traditional dumpster hire because they are so different. For smaller amounts of waste YELLOWSACK is always cheaper. For larger amounts it may depend on the type of project.

YELLOWSACK comes in different sizes and often suit different types of projects dependant on the amount of waste they produce. However, YELLOWSACK is usually cheaper as you don't pay for wasted space - or for anyone else’s debris that they might put in a metal dumpster.

YELLOWSACKs are also ideal for when you have smaller quantities of waste, when you have limited space on your property and for when you’re planning a project but haven’t quite got around to starting it!

Yes, our prices include taxes.

Yes, you only pay one Transport fee independent of how many YELLOWSACKs we pick up. In addition you pay for each bag.

Please see a full explanation on our Pricing page.

YELLOWSACK is available in two different sizes:

Yellowsack Medium: L: 3'2, H: 3'2, W: 3'2. 230 gal. Max load: 2750 lbs.

Yellowsack Large: L: 6'7, H: 3'3, W: 3'3. 530 gal. Max load: 2750 lbs. 

Yes. When you fill out the order form, make sure the shipping location is the “Delivery/pick up Location”. The second page will be the billing information. Please call us if you need any further help.